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All results were negative, but this strange unknown person piqued my curiosity.

This is the very social engineering angle that such a request plays upon, as once you accept the request, you will be engaged in a discussion with a chatbot.

Il regolamento di questa piattaforma è disponibile a questo collegamento.

ciao a tutti/e mi chiamo mario ho 26 anni cerco ragazze e ragazzi con cui chattare di tutto, di qualsiasi e divertirsi nei momenti di solitudine che ultimamente ne sono tanti....

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Clicking on the link does display an image of a scantily clad model wearing stiletto heeled shoes, but only after infecting the PC with a downloader Trojan which then installs the worm.Chatbots have been around for ages and I have many fond memories of random IRC users stumbling on a channel I used to hang out in, and attempting to strike up a conversation with our custom Eggdrop chatbot, as we had chosen a feminine name for it.It had accumulated a large custom vocabulary and you could have a decent, if somewhat erratic, conversation with it. virtual assistants, and contests in which bot writers try to get their respective creations to pass the Turing test."Once it's up and running, the Pykse worm attempts to connect to a number of remote websites, presumably in an attempt to generate advertising revenue for them by increasing their number of 'hits'," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos."It's another example of the methods that malware authors can use to make money.

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