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Alexis was sick for so long.” “I never ever saw Alexis do drugs — he never did cocaine, speed or anything like that,” continued the source, echoing Dupont.

Alexis Arquette (July 28, 1969 – September 11, 2016) was an American actress, cabaret performer, underground cartoonist, and activist.

At nineteen, Arquette landed a sizeable film role, playing trans sex worker Georgette in the screen adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn.

, which chronicled her much buzzed about transitioning. Alexis Arquette: I don’t mind doing film and television, but people have to come to me.

I asked Alexis to open up some more about all these topics, and then some. I got tired of being lied to and hearing about offers six months after they were given to me. You’re only as good as the last time somebody defamed you. I had that terrible conundrum I got involved in with Channel 4 in England.

During the commercial, I said, “Go and call them to confirm.” She didn’t, but her press agent went and sold the story to three different tabloids. I saw another documentary called about this guy who was worried about the size of his penis and has an enlargement done. It played on Hollywood types, from to the clown aspect, and I didn’t want to highlight those things anymore, though there’s certainly a lot of camp about me. There are women who say, “I would not be gay if I wasn’t raped by my uncle.” I don’t know that that’s not true. I don’t know if I was born this way or if my being transsexual has anything to do with my desires. Meanwhile, people are asking about Jared Leto’s penis size. But the idea that the dude could be bisexual—whoa, that’s just too much for people to handle. After all, in the multiverse, there are endless versions of each being, all interacting in innumerable ways.

Alexis Arquette is back in the news, but this time it’s not because of a coveted role she landed.

In 1986, Arquette debuted on the big screen in an uncredited role as Alexis, the androgynous friend and bandmate of sexually ambivalent teenager Max Whiteman (Evan Richards) in Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

Arquette, in the earlier years of her career, primarily performed as a female impersonator, frequently under the name "Eva Destruction".

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