Andrew vanwyngarden dating irish model

“I love performing and improvising and doing comedy every week,” she says.

[Laughs.] It doesn’t feel different than other stuff? That’s so dumb.’ Those are my people.” Despite her love, and obvious talent, for comedy, Wiig thinks of herself as an actor, not a comedian.

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"Going there with friends softened the blow of moving away from home," she added.The 19-year-old, from Sutton, who has been dating MGMT frontman Andrew Van Wyngarden for six months, said there are several Irish models who are taking the US by storm.She was speaking after comments on the RTE show, The Model Agent, by talent spotter Ellis who claimed Irish girls weren't working much outside the country. I just won’t believe it until I’m actually on set shooting. Do you consider comedy a way to access parts of your personality that aren’t easily accessed in real life? ’ Then, sometimes we’re like, ‘Why are we writing this? I think, I’m doing this character.”) This kind of comedy isn’t a way of exorcising one’s demons; it’s a way of getting out of one’s own skin. Then, one of us says something stupid and we’re like, ‘Should we write that?

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