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He said he really did not love me, he thought I'm a great girl and he cares about me but not love.He said he didnt want to hurt me so he just pretended to love me because he felt heartless to reject me. To make a long story short, his best friend told me that he confessed to her that he's in love with her (told her this a few weeks before and she was just watching us feeling sorry for me knowing he wasnt really in love with me).

I didn't even think much about it and asked her if she was sending the pics to my e-mail.We knew very little about the SAA fellowship or the program of recovery it teaches.At that first meeting, we began to feel like we were no longer alone in our fight against our addiction.He met at least one of the girls and engaged in sexual relations with her on numerous occasions, videotaping the sexual acts with his phone. He grew up in Iowa, received a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a master’s degree from the University of Cairo, Egypt.At the time of his offense and arrest in 2014, he was working at the U. Department of Interior as an International Relations Analyst.

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