Chelsea harry dating dating vaikams

is coming back for a THIRTEENTH series, and thankfully we don't have to say goodbye to too many of our favourite poshos.

Aside from Jess Woodley - who announced her departure last week - it's welcome back to pretty much everyone else.

Stevie has also worked as a sauna entrepreneur and in private finance, so both pretty posh ventures, but not on the grand posh scale of some of his former castmates.27.

ANDY JORDANEstimated net worth: In the millions mates, Andy never came across as that incredibly posh, but more down to earth like the rest of us. He attended St Edward's School in Oxford, and graduated from the University of Leeds with a Geography degree.

"Binky and I have been through ups and downs over the years and even if she does something wrong, or says she doesn’t want to speak to me, I’ll always be there no matter what. However, Binky does go on to say that things between the two have sorted themselves out.

"We are friends again and I’ve always loved Cheska, I always will, she’s just a bit of a silly sausage sometimes." Binky's new best friend, Lucy Watson, has divided viewers since joining the show, and has just started dating Spencer Matthews after his break-up with Louise Thompson.

"I get so angry when people say ‘oh poor Cheska, you dumped her for Lucy', because Cheska is 28 this year," Binky explained to

However, there are no reports that Harry Styles and Chelsea Handler hooked up at the party, and a source told the that they are just unlikely friends who “love to mess around.” They met through a mutual acquaintance, Harry’s manager Jeffrey Azoff.

Maybe not, but a recent report did claim that he and talk show host Chelsea Handler hopped in bed together last year.

The 22-year-old One Direction star and the 41-year-old comedian were allegedly the talk of a 2015 party in Los Angeles, which took place during one of Harry Styles’ breaks from touring with his boy band.

One month ago they were taken to pieces in Monaco and dumped out of the Champions League.

Now they are closing in on fourth, with three wins in a row, the third of which at Southampton on Wednesday night was arguably their best display of the season.

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