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The researchers also determined that negative views about single motherhood tend to stem from a conviction that there is something inherently wrong or damaged about a single mother as a person.Notably, descriptions of single moms given by the study’s respondents included the beliefs that this group of parents was neglectful, irresponsible, immature, stressed out, depressed, prone to making bad choices, promiscuous, hopeless, and / or insecure.(John’s Hopkins)32% earn ,000 (Census)10% earn ,000 (Census) 51% of custodial parents have child support agreements (informal or formal), but only 41% received all child support owed.(Census)Of fathers who live apart from their children, only 22% of dads see their kids more than once per week.Part of getting back on your feet as a single mom is having the resources you need to get your life going again. Here are resources for car donations for single moms.To receive a car from Free Charity Cars you need to visit their website and fill out an application.

And you know how much he loves his league.” Later, I reflected on the conversation.

Caseworkers realize that not having transportation is one of the biggest reasons the unemployed can’t find work.

There are many public and private grants that help low income families to purchase cars.

(John’s Hopkins) 48% jump in births to unmarried women aged 35-39 2007-12 (CDC)29% jump in births to unmarried moms aged 40-44 (CDC)While the rate of babies born to single mothers has declined slightly, there is a notable rise in babies born to single moms by choice – women who tend to be older, more educated, higher income.

(CDC) 58% of single moms have attended college or have at least a bachelor’s degree (Pew)Of millennial moms who have babies outside of marriage, 67% have some college education, and 32% have four or more years of higher education.

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