Dingdong dantes and marian rivera dating

He played King Ybrahim in the Encantadia fantasy-themed television saga and the 2006 film Moments of Love.

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Yes, it’s painful but true: Some good things never last. Kahit paano, you just have to look at the positive.

Look at the fairy-tale romance between Dingdong Dantes and Karylle. For several weeks, amidst all the fuss and the buzz, Dingdong and especially Karylle politely refused to confirm what was already very obvious, keeping their joint promise to “tell the truth and nothing but” only to The STAR because Karylle happens to be one of this paper’s contributors. During the retreat, one of the questions was, ‘What are you most thankful for? We reached that decision after a long process...” That was what Dingdong also said... During weekdays, he was busy with tapings and shooting.

For three years, they were such a sweet, handsome pair. Even Karylle’s mom, Zsa Zsa Padilla (who broke up with husband Dr. You know, it’s hard to fake things, to tell yourself ‘I’m okay, I’m okay’ when you know very well that you’re not okay. Give me seven.’ You know, five of the seven happened just recently, the blessings. Alam mo ‘yon, kahit paano nabawasan naman ang lungkot ko. After every performance, big names in the industry were showering me with praises that I never expected in my wildest dream.” Back to the breakup... On weekends naman, when he was free, ako naman ang hindi because I was busy with West Side.” Were your kissing scenes with Christian a factor in the breakup?

It’s a dream couples have, and at the same time a blessing from the Lord, that there is life inside the womb.

So, I am grateful.) But the initial shock after finding out about the pregnancy was inevitable, especially for Dingdong. It didn’t sink in[…] It’s because it’s my dream to be a mother, and the Lord gave it to me.

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