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Watching a documentary about a person you once knew really brings home the truth that a life’s story is multilayered, episodic and better recounted through the voices of many than through the perspective of one. Goldstein was an overweight kid who loved sneakers and digging in the crates; he had a biting wit and was, at that time, the guy who spun at every cool-kid club party in Hollywood.

So is the case with , directed by Kevin Kerslake (2011’s Electric Daisy Carnival Experience) and featuring commentary by Diplo, Steve Aoki, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Paul Oakenfold, Seth Binzer, Pasquale Rotella and Jonathan Shecter, among many others. This was years before he would have a gastric bypass, date Nicole Richie, survive a plane crash with drummer Travis Barker and launch the celebrity DJ explosion. In those days before TMZ, we celebrated the hedonism of Hollywood at clubs called Garden of Eden and the Opium Den, but little did we know that the real star among us was Goldstein.

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“It ended up in a big fight, with Joel demanding, ‘Were you still in love with him?It’s called Adam’s lovely mother Andrea Gross wanted the film as a way to remember her son, and to her credit she and producers Dan Franklin and Robert Bruce gave director Kevin Kerslake and producer/editor Joel Marcus the space to explore Adam’s story deeply and honestly.Kerslake and Marcus were granted access to Adam’s personal computers and diaries, and they interviewed hundreds of Adam’s friends, colleagues, and collaborators (including Steve Aoki, Red Foo, A-Trak and Diplo).And then, at the peak of his success in 2009, he left the planet—left us suddenly, tragically. Whether by cause or cosmic coincidence, the death of AM marked the end of the era for major nightclubs in Las Vegas, Miami, and around the U. It marked a changing of the dancefloor guard, a new chapter in the élite and lucrative high-end of the DJ business.With AM gone, the hip-hop based, technically demanding style of DJing that embraced all genres and tempos (often called ) had no clear champion, no superstar.

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