Evan rachel wood and jim sturgess dating

(Sounds like a surefire way to get lost.) Throw in a soundtrack composed entirely of Beatles songs, plus Taymor’s trademark flights of fancy — manifested in “a combination of live action and painted and three-dimensional animation” — and it promises to be trippy indeed.I’m guessing people will call it the new Did you catch that glimpse of Salma Hayek as a nurse? In March, there was a kerfuffle over an unauthorized (at least in Taymor’s eyes) shorter version of the film.But Taymor’s name is still attached to the project, so it looks like director and executives have reconciled. Sounds like a prestige project, and, well, f-ck the boyfriend, that is what you can always throw back in Bosworth’s face. Sometimes the people they feature do not fulfill the promise. Attached – Evan in costume last week at the Rocky Horror Picture Show anniversary celebration. So I’m attaching shots of her on a working holiday in Rome this summer when she was there shooting her Gucci ad. Makes me want to want to bust out the Depeche Mode. Lainey over at Lainey’s Gossip is reporting that hot Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, 33, who plays the conniving viking vampire Eric on “True Blood,” is dating his new costar, Evan Rachel Wood, 22. Evan and Alex have reported taken pains to keep their new relationship under wraps.

Skarsgard is there working on Straw Dogs with Kate Bosworth. Kate has a way of throwing herself inappropriately at other people’s boyfriends. As for Evan and Alex – they met, of course, on the set of True Blood, and were able to keep it low key, very underground while they were in LA, never venturing out to pap friendly locations, only sighted a few times discreetly, and so far the relationship is progressing well, they’re having fun together. She quickly corrected herself, saying she was team “Eric, whoops.” I guess she’s team Alex in more ways than one: Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard are dating. Am told exclusively by an infallible source that it’s been several weeks now. Shortly before we meet, her publicist called to give me a quick rundown of what Wood was wearing--sometimes people miss her, the publicist explained, because she looks so normal.I'd scoffed and assured her that I'd have no problem finding her, but it's true…

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