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The dilemma The longer a female spends making a decision about which male she should select, and the more choices she considers, should in theory lead her to a better decision.

However, this process cannot go on indefinitely, and eventually a choice will need to be made regarding the male she chooses.

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Kurzban was inspired by the growing field of scholars who started applying Darwinian ideas to human social behaviors, and he wanted in on the action.These descriptions say very little, so what can you say to give yourself an advantage in online dating? Schizotypy, creativity and mating success in humans. Series B, Containing papers of a Biological character, 273, 611–615.Evolutionary psychology tells us that men seek female partners who are physically attractive and one of the factors females are looking for in a male partner is resources. Visit my website follow me on Twitter @martingraff007Don't focus only on online dating guys!Females also need to ensure that they secure a mate who exhibits good parenting skills and also a mate who has the resources to support them and their offspring (Miller & Todd, 1998).Females therefore need a lot more information before committing.

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