Geek dating flow chart

Then you won’t hesitate, you’ll just choose one option and go with it.

This speed of thought will also keep the pressure up, and won’t let your opponent get away.

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A flowchart is a tool for examining processes, programmes and systems.

But sometimes situations come up where the question of i Phone usage in front of a date is not so black and white.

That is where this flowchart comes in handy just for those times when you want to use your i Phone.

Unlike a traditional timepiece, the Pulsar did not represent time using the sweep of an hour-and-minute hand; instead, it displayed time digitally, using a recently developed innovation in microelectronics called the light-emitting diode, or LED.

In the early 1970s, the glowing red lights of an LED display represented the cutting edge of integrated circuit technology, and digital watches were such a luxury item that, at 00 for the 18-karat gold edition, they cost more even than an equivalent Rolex.

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