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When I found that text I couldn't believe it, I wanted to throw up.So I confronted him and naturally the issue became my snooping.Known for his ability to go after what he wants, Derek has declared his plans to get her back and #Team Derek is here for it. Mc Kinley Freeman: They can expect power, drama, sex and a lot of unexpected moments.

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He always says no, and in fact has gotten mad because I haven't dropped it after so long. The other day I looked at what windows he had open on his phone and one was the contacts list, open to the page this woman's number is on.

My husband expresses a very bad opinion of anyone who cheats, swears he never would and has told me one of the problems in his former marriage was that the ex accused him of cheating often and he insists was not doing that.

On my side of things is something I am ashamed to admit: I snoop. I pay our phone bill so I can see all the numbers called or texted, and I know the passwords to all the e mail accounts he has I know about. Just typing this out reminds me how crazy I am being. But isn't it just as wrong to send a long text full of descriptions of desired sexual activities to another woman, one he has always said was nothing more than a friend?

And while acknowledging that the idea sounded “a little crazy at first,” Segall focused her story on how intimately humans are tied to machines in our current age, pondering the question, “how far is too far?

” But if Segall herself thought the upcoming "marriage" was too far, she didn’t let on.

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