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It's far worse for men - just read their toe-curling tales about the dates from hell...Brian Fletcher, 70, is a retired restaurant owner from Taunton, Somerset.

The lady invited me to her home and, pulling into the driveway, I was pleasantly surprised - it was a mansion.

With toe nail fungus and you probably like to eat Cheetos while you watch reruns of Gossip Girl.'Thus far the account has almost 26,000 followers, a number which is continuing to grow by the hour as word spreads to other disgruntled women.

Alexandra is hopeful that it will have an impact on at least a few of the men who are featured - and perhaps even encourage them to change their attitude towards women and the online dating community.

He keeps talking as if he hasn't said anything off, and I stop him and ask, 'What do you mean by corsets?

' And he says, yeah, he liked antique corsets and his wife would model them for him.

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