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On your weekly trip to the grocery store, purchase a nice big bottle of Reddi-Whip, or similar.

Do not make special, midweek grocery store runs, as hubby may become suspicious when he sees credit card transaction rightly pointed out, it was “a luxurious food rich with ironies, simultaneously innocent and erotic.” On one hand, ice cream sundaes coated in confetti sprinkles.

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Early on in her modelling career, she changed her name to Melania Knauss and once appeared on the cover of GQ in the nude.The media is increasingly adding pressure to men about their appearance and even guys who have never been vain, can succumb.Working 60 hours a week to help provide for the family takes a toll on that athletic physique; aging can bring baldness, failing erections, wrinkles which subtract from his sex appeal (for the record- baldness can mean higher testosterone!! It’s a rough, critical world out there and we need all need the affirming physical love of our partner.It looked so ridiculously innocent: Pam and Lysol and Scotchgard. It was ramen noodles, canned minestrone, and frozen burritos, if she could bum a few square inches of space in her roommate’s mini fridge.She stuck it to the fridge with a magnet and smirked when Patrick walked by, oblivious. His crime was having a forty-hour workweek and semimonthly direct deposit. She wore heels because that’s what Patrick bought her. But after graduating last spring, marrying Patrick, and moving into his beige stucco house with its double-door refrigerator, her culinary repertoire expanded.

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