Men who have no interest in dating

However, if you are overweight, losing weight and building a more attractive body is critical to your ability to attract more men – from catching their eye when you are walking down the street, to wanting them to talk to you at a bar or a restaurant or online, and eventually wanting to touch you.This is not to mention all the other benefits that losing excess weight will have on your life – better health, more energy, higher self confidence, better posture, and numerous other benefits that go well beyond dating.The no itself was hard for him to take, because he really did care for this girl, but what happened is that this girl went back and told all of her friends and they began to review all of his strengths and weaknesses.By the time it was over not only did all of her friends know, but their friends knew and their friends' brothers knew that he asked, she said no, and that he was not tall enough for the average girl to really honestly consider.The guy might have turned her off somehow, he might have pressed for sex too soon, or she might not be physically attracted to him.Whatever it is, she usually knows exactly why she's lost interest. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason why men lose interest; it just means that his reasons are MUCH more subtle than a woman’s. This need for reassurance (even when not explicitly stated from her) stops the development of his feelings in their tracks. (Sorry.)It’s an ultra common scenario in the dating world.You meet a guy and everything seems like it’s going great.

You get to scan through profiles and say “nope, unattractive, uh uh, arrogant, too short, too desperate.” We are comfortable making judgments about people we don’t even know and then we get fed up when we have no plans on Friday night.

In the rare case that a man’s profile image and the text to go along with it captivated me, I had no issue messaging the person.

I let the guy know that I was interested in getting to know him better.

Then, after what feels like a super intense connection and budding relationship, suddenly he cools WAY off.

Suddenly, he gets harder and harder to get ahold of or goes dark entirely, leaving you to wonder why he lost interest.

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