Pornchat to bot

The "well-crafted" subject lines are not computer generated, but human created, and there's no "conversation".Most people realize immediately upon opening the email that they've been fooled.Turing thought that a machine could beat the Turing test by 2000. Mixed messages Today we communicate with lots of machines via typed messages and lots of us have been fooled. It may be an irritant gradually eroding the usefulness of e-mail but it is also a huge project to get computers creating convincingly human messages.The more human a message is the more chance it has of getting through the spam filters.At first glance spam, pornographic text messages and video games are not contributing much to human development.But a good case can be made for regarding all three as some of the smartest artificial intelligences around.Steven Wilson, head of Europol's European Cybercrime Centre, said that Spanish police last year discovered a group of individuals using closed groups in the chat application to distribute the pornographic material.Spanish police said their suspicions were aroused when investigators found a link in a computer network known as The Onion Router, or TOR, that hides the identities of users.

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It revolves around people and machines communicating via typed messages.

The machine would be judged intelligent if it could trick a human into thinking they were swapping text with another person.

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