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The Oklahoma native was a saxophonist, flutist and composer.He started his career in Boston, where he performed with Herb Pomeroy's big band in an ensemble that included future music producer Quincy Jones.by Gerald Early PART I: THE LIGHTNING STRIKE OF EGO In the opening paragraph of his monumental essay on the first Ali-Frazier fight, Norman Mailer calls ego “the great word of the twentieth century.” But the magnitude of ego has long endured.Ego has probably been the great term for all human centuries, even before Freud invented the concept; for ego is the engine that drives human achievement, and, as Mailer wrote, “gives us authority to declare we are sure of ourselves when we are not.” Ego is the great cauldron of confidence, the design of daring.No other period has given the ego bigger stages or platforms upon which to realize itself and its ambitions than the American century.And one of those outlets is American popular culture, the great circus, bazaar, and shell game of diversions and pastimes, the vast populist prairie and New World frontier of cheap yet captivating entertainment and mass-appeal art.In 1964, he moved to New York and was hired by Davis.He played with a diverse group of musicians there that included Gillespie, T-Bone Walker and John Lee Hooker.

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He has been in five celebrity relationships averaging approximately 7.8 years each. Age: 84 (3/14/1933)Occupation: Music - Producer Most Famous For: Thriller, album "I was running around like a crazy person until the very end.

There is no French Dream, or Russian Dream, or African Dream, or British Dream, but everyone the world over knows about the American Dream.

America is the place to come, so the myth goes, to get what the ego wants, to fulfill the longings of the self.

Popular culture is where the leveling and liberating impulses of democracy and the voraciousness of capitalism meet to produce the sublime and the ridiculous.

And there, African Americans have vaunted their egos and made their psychic need for expression and their unwavering cry for justice and power reverberate around the country and across the globe. along with Miles Davis, [Quincy Jones] is the only survivor of the bebop era who has stayed contemporary and continued to have an impact on today’s music.” This is highly unusual for any musician.

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