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Enzo and Alessia have a lovely dynamic and sweet, if unorthodox, love between them — a fumbling attraction between two adults stuck in immaturity — and it’s effervescent with the chemistry between Pastorelli and Santamaria.

Both actors play their roles raw and to the bone, treating the material like they would a prestige drama.

The only reason why I'm giving it a decent rating is because the animation is pretty well made, but this is just wrong...

At Trail Ridge Middle School, which is forty minutes north of Denver, in Longmont, the old Colorado is giving way to the new.

It's one thing for a show to consist almost entirely of jokes meant for an older crowd and it's another for a show to find and manage a sweet spot of humor, adventure and drama that actually bridges generations. Some are designed to be just for adults while others, miraculously, are for everyone.

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The film opens on a foot chase as our anti-hero Enzo (Claudio Santamaria), a two-bit criminal and way, way underling for Camorra bosses, makes his escape from his latest misdeed. Something he doesn’t realize until a job goes wrong, leaving his accomplice dead, and Enzo would be dead right alongside him if he wasn’t suddenly able to survive a bullet to the chest and the fall from a nine-story building. Isolated, misanthropic and lonely, though he’d never admit that last one, Enzo is pretty much a pathetic and undignified ne’er-do-well. A cynical shut-in who’s eager to remind people he’s “nobody’s friend,” Enzo is stuck in a sort of adolescent “everything sucks” mentality, and would have never put his powers to any good use if he didn’t get tangled up with Alessia (Ilenia Pastorelli). Also, entire time blocks, primetime or later, are now devoted to shows directed solely at adults. Over the years, we've experienced a dissolution of the stigma once attached to animation and shows are now made available to kids on a 24/7 cable channel basis.So when they get sexual, it’s uncomfortable and weird — an intentional narrative choice and a wrong-headed price to pay for Enzo’s transformation into a good man.It’s unfortunate because if Alessia’s history of victimization and her bond Enzo was handled differently (and a bit more wisely), the film would be a lot stronger.

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