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Cato Institute: Libertarian think-tank (not the Libertarian Party). Violence Policy Center: Perhaps the most radical (and blatantly radical) of the anti-gun organizations.If you've never visited the web site, start with a superb speech by P. VPC is the organization that told the New York Times that NRA's Eddie Eagle is "Joe Camel with feathers." Even the anti-gun Boston Herald blasted VPC for that one.

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Dating coaches typically charge rates similar to that of other professional counselors (e.g. Seminars involving multiple audience members typically charge less than one-on-one meetings, however.

The field of coaching is becoming a distinct area of practice for individuals and in organizations.

Although the role of coach has changed over time, some examples of research papers on business coaching show that between the late 1930s and the late 1960s, some forms of internal coaching in organizations were already present; i.e.

National Center for Policy Analysis: A think tank known for dispelling myths about gun laws. IM-Safe: Connecticut firm that offers personal safety and defense training for women.

Programs include Preventing and Reacting to Workplace Violence, Travel Safety, Street Smarts, Dating Safety, Campus Safety and Girls Strike Back, a woman’s self defense approach.

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