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The raciest of the images saw the monarch's head attached to one of the images from Rihanna's sexy shoot for Paper magazine, released last month, as she posed in a Chanel suit with the buttons undone to show her braless chest.

Under fire: As the British monarch celebrated her 91st birthday over the weekend, the B***h Better Have My Money hitmaker took to Instagram to share four snaps in which her own sexy looks had Queen Elizabeth's head attached She later borrowed from her Coachella ensemble in which she wore a bedazzled body sock layered beneath a Gucci vest top with denim shorts.

Hanna entered the entertainment industry at the age of 8, traveling around California with a singing group.

At age 10, she started acting and modeling, producing commercials for Orange and modeling for companies such as Mattel, Robinsons-May, and Macy's.

The 28-year-old - who was nominated for the same award - set Twitter alight as she talked through the winner's announcement and applied her lipgloss as Queen Bey took to the stage to accept her honour. Rihanna didn't quite hold her composure throughout the night as she appeared to throw shade towards Beyonce as she collected the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammys As another commented: 'Rihanna at beyonce's #GRAMMYs win; "well I'm just gonna retouch my lipgloss"'.

Before one said: 'Kinda of looked like @rihanna was a little bitter while @beyonce won, or did she really need to apply lipgloss at that exact moment??

Rihanna has been hit with backlash from offended Brits after superimposing the Queen's head onto her own racy ensembles in a bizarre birthday tribute. 'She is forced to be the face of the church, common wealth and monarchy, government, she ain't even allowed to vote or abstain from church rules because the her coronation where she took the oath... 'She 91 and has probably forgotten more good deeds than you will ever experience! Jesus you really do think your something you don't you lmao good luck with your next visit to OUR country'Who does that who does she think she is? Lost all respect after this, that lady is a real queen who should be respected unlike you who is only a queen in your own head!

As the British monarch celebrated her 91st birthday over the weekend, the B***h Better Have My Money hitmaker took to Instagram to share four snaps in which her own sexy looks had Queen Elizabeth's head attached. Not impressed: While an array of her 52.4million followers saw the funny side to the tongue-in-cheek gesture, the comments section on the snaps was swarmed with counterblast in which she was branded a 'stupid little girl' for the 'disrespectful' doctored images'Its rude you know. 'Rihanna doesn't even know what respect means she's trashy always will be...

Although Rihanna didn't step foot once onto the stage, she did manage to steal the spotlight at the 59th Annual Grammys from the comfort of her own seat.

The posts come just five months after the Barbadian singer joined forces with the Queen's grandson Prince Harry in her native country to both take HIV tests for World AIDS Day as part of his tour of the island in December. 'Maybe you woukd do better on a post that includes domestic violence and how young girls shouldn't put up with it!

Her affinity with the royal family would certainly hint at the harmless nature of the shots although many of her followers, particularly those from Britain, appeared particularly hurt by her gesture as she was accused of courting publicity.

It's very funny, because no photographer has ever said that to me before and made the kind of connection between the two things."In the unusual interview, Keira also revealed that she has spent her summer reading books to choose her next film. I just bought a load of books that I'll read over the summer and hopefully choose another film based on that.

I don't know if that'll happen, but it's quite a good way of working," she said.

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