Who is yoona dating

Seunggi is a good guy, idk why the fuck you guys are so salty, lmfao. Yoon A is really someone you will like the more you see her…From 2010 she has been donating to the Fruit of Love, and she even joined honor society this year……From 2008 onwards, she has been sponsoring through World Vision, and every year end she will personally go down to Seoul Jung-gu to hand over her donation…

Asia Goddess Yoona is in the list of Honor Society members. She has been donating well for Seungil Hope Foundation too…. Not only does Yoon A has a beautiful face, her heart is very beautiful too^^ 6. this is why i have been liking Yoon A for 9 years already, Yoon A is really amazing 7. ; so what the point of bragging about her tax payer thing here???

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Dating scandals, revelations, denials and confirmations are all part of the Kpop world.

but I also fall in love with their chemistry and visual in real life. congratulation to both, thek2 is a success, good job. oppa Lee seung Gi will back soon, Yoona is just for My oppa Lee seung Gi 4ever. ofc, Good Job to Yoona and Ji chang wook, they did a brilliant acting together in their drama Thek2, but Lee seung gi and Yoona's hearts will always be together in real life, sorry ji chang wook, you're a cute guy, but i love and miss Yoon Gi couple. I still hope for Jang keun suk and Yoona relationship, I love them! I hope that Yoona can to see JKS's new teaser "I wanna hold You".

I can't wait to see Yoona and Siwan for the King Loves, I am so excited waiting this drama. Jhonny, Jaehyun, Kun, Taeyong, Taecyeon, Li Yi feng, Li geng xin, GD, Chansung, Gongchan, JB, JR, Lee teuk, Donghae, Jang keun suk, Gogoboi, Boy william, Andy Chen and more than 100 male celebrities too must to be so HAPPY because YOONA STILL IS SINGLE!! JKS recorded this song thinking about his beloved person, we are so sure that his beloved person is YOONA-ssi as always since 2012.

That's probably why I chose to be in this movie; I tend to take love seriously. Love is an important emotion and I don't like to think of it lightly."Although the actor talked freely about his dating styles, Lee Seung Gi refrained from talking about his current relationship with Yoon A, asking that the interview focuses more on his current work, maintaining his professionalism. If the movie were a different genre or if the movie were over, then I would talk more in depth about it, but today, I want to talk more about 'Today's Love' and the relationship I have with Moon Chae Won." the downvotes i see on these supportive comments are insane. Han Chae Young, YOONA and Song Seung are the only artists whom were selected for The Best Taxpayer Award.

either you trolls need to get a life, or you Yoona fans need to chill the fuck out. woow Yoona is a role model....♦ Netizens' Comments:1. ㅋㅋ Yoon A seem to be the type that is not only kind-hearted but also abide by the law~To be selected as a candidate among so many celebrities~amazing~ 2.

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