Windows vista not updating

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the Norton Community and need some help with my Toshiba Satellite laptop.I'm running Windows Vista and have 2GB with a 32bit OS.Also, Internet Explorer 9 is no longer supported, so surfing the web with this browser could also leave you open to security vulnerabilities.Microsoft also warned that users might find apps and devices that do not work with Vista as software and hardware manufacturers optimize services for the latest version of Windows. Microsoft's latest operating system is called Windows 10 and upgrading to this could be an option, and one that the company would prefer.As you can see, it is not easy to update drivers manually even by following the detailed steps. It is recommended that you upgrade Driver Easy to Professional Version.

If Check SUR detected and fixed the cause of the failures, these updates will now install successfully.

Holy Cow Z , 14 August 2016 - AM Well it seems to have worked Sleepy wahooooozers thank you so much.

What I'll do for anyone else having similar issues is list below in short what I did so they don't get confused by above. I had to reinstall a computer with vista on it and it all went well installed vista then the updates and then sp1 all did pretty quick no problems and sp2 and bang every time I install the new updater and it isn't even connecting to the internet just says checking for updates and can't even tell that the internet isn't plugged in like it would do normally.

When the update fails, it blocks the user from installing updates and service packs. When Windows Update detects inconsistencies that are related to system servicing in system files or in the registry, Windows Update offers Check SUR as an available update package.

The package titles are as follows: • Update for Windows Vista (KB947821) • Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB947821) Note This Windows Update or Automatic Update package will only be offered if such inconsistencies have been detected on the system.

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