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CHARLIE FINKCover My Tracks (Kobalt) The ex-Noah And The Whale singer enlists classical guitarist Laura Snowden, cinematic strings and female trio the Staves for this slow-burning solo bow.

The soundtrack to a theatrical production featuring Fink that opens at The Old Vic on Monday, it’s an ambitious, finely-tuned piece that mixes the deadpan humour of Lou Reed with the literate approach of Leonard Cohen.

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Welcome to Baywatch, your number one source for everything Baywatch, from Pamela Anderson to Brande Roderick we have everything you could want and more.

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anyways am just a little new only at that so hear Time passes.

Be sure to visit our Cast section, and see who showed up in Baywatch before they were a season star and read more about your favorite Baywatch Character. Also to back up his business schemes so that he could be rich. He decided to make films and headed toward the way of Hollywood.

Plus we are now bringing you the latest on the 2017 Baywatch Movie! He left Baywatch, telling Mitch that if he ever needed him, he would be there.

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