Process for invalidating a patent

This process for validating/invalidating a message (4) sent over a information transmission network between at least two stations connected to said network by means of a response in a communication frame, the message including at least one header field (5) sent by a first station and one data field (6)...

Such prior art may, for example, take the form of prior patents or publications. If the prior-art patent was issued within one year prior to the application filing date which eventually became the patent being evaluated, the effective prior-art date of the patent is the filing date of the application which became the prior-art patent.

PRODUCT-BY-PROCESS CLAIMS ARE NOT LIMITED TO THE MANIPULATIONS OF THE RECITED STEPS, ONLY THE STRUCTURE IMPLIED BY THE STEPS“[E]ven though product-by-process claims are limited by and defined by the process, determination of patentability is based on the product itself.

The patentability of a product does not depend on its method of production.

A time-limit-based invalidation process, wherein a cache entry can be associated with a time limit, and the time-limit-based invalidation process sends a signal to the cache coordinator to invalidate a cache entry whose time limit has expired.

A URI-based invalidation process, wherein all cache entries generated by a template with that URI are invalidated when that template changes.

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