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Of course it's also possible that you are for whatever reason incorrectly calling .

However if there is a solid gray arrow, this just signifies that your app has recently used location services and it's likely that you did correctly stop getting updates.

Now that you’ve installed the Cocoa Pods Ruby Gem, you’re going to need to create a file in your Xcode project directory named If you are using Xcode 7 or earlier, please use SDK version 2.23.

Don’t worry, knowledge of Ruby syntax isn’t necessary to install this SDK.

Deferring the delivery of location updates while the app is in the background.

// Initialise my location Manager and start monitoring : location Manager = [[CLLocation Manager alloc] init]; [location Manager start Updating Location]; // ..

Using Instrument tool to debug this, it proofs that even after the details view dismissed, the process list still shows the Map Kit and geo services. Finally the trick is to call [View remove From Super View]; Some other posts pointed out the good practice is to create Map Kit View on demand instead of dragging to view.

Apps that are monitoring significant location changes will display a solid arrow in the status bar in the same way apps that are using standard location updates do.

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